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Аудио-похождения Джеймса Бонда

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Гляньте что нашел:


"James Bond: To The End" is a full cast, feature-length audio adventure, available for free download in mp3 format or as a Podcast! Available exclusively via the following link:


Featuring the voice talents of:

Tom Stitzer as James Bond

Darian Lindle as Elam Amittai and Moneypenny

Susan Bridges as Mary Hollier

Clover Watson as M

Christopher Moshier as Ian

Carolyn Eltakchi as Sophie Seaugud

Julien Marchant as Weapons Buyer 1

Clover Watson as Weapons Buyer 2

Neal Bailey as Prime Minister Brynn


видимо, что-то вроде радио-спектакля или аудио-книги.

я уже качаю 8)

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